Compiled by David P. Efroymson, Ph.D

The bibliography on Jewish-Christian relations is immense, including the theology at stake, its history, and, perhaps especially, the role of the New Testament and the Gospels in particular. That on the Lectionary and preaching is somewhat less extensive. What is attempted here is a bibliography long enough to be useful—i.e. providing some options. The focus is on books and articles and/or authors that I know to be worth the preacher’s time and effort. The categories are not divinely revealed, and there is some inevitable overlap among them, but they seemed to make sense in the context of this project. The entries are annotated when I know enough about them, or when the author has indicated what was intended.

These books are widely available in university, college, and seminary libraries, but less widely in community libraries. Some are, alas, out of print, but these are frequently available at reasonable prices in on-line sites like, AbeBooks, and, each of which serves as a clearing-house for literally thousands of used book dealers.


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