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The mission of this website is to offer helpful ideas and resources to clergy and to all who read from the Lectionary during Sunday services so that potential anti-Judaism in these readings can be avoided, not fostered or reinforced, however unintentionally. Read more…

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We are two concerned Catholics, members of the church in good standing, who write and work as lay members of the Church.  That is, we claim no authority such as is claimed by  the bishops, nor such scholarly authority as might belong to the Catholic Biblical Association, the Society of Biblical Literature, or the Catholic Theological Society of America.  As concerned lay members of the Church, however, we have a responsibility for the good of the Church which nourishes us.  In this we are following the mandate of the Second Vatican Council, which teaches that “ . . . the laity are empowered—indeed sometimes obligated–to make known . . . their opinion on those things which pertain to the good of the Church.  (Lumen Gentium, #37, and Can. 212.3). Read more…

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